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Tubular heating elements

They can be used as an additional heater for tubes, which are flowed through. Furthermore, the heaters can be used as a tube for liquids, which are to be heated.

Usage in hot runner systems

Tubular thick-film heating elements can be used for every application, where pipes or fluids flowing through them need to be heated. An example, where the thick-film heating elements have been proving their worth since years, is the hot runner technology. Here, the hot runner nozzles are heated with thick-film heating elements in form of throw-over heaters to keep the plastic melt in a flowable state.

The advantage over conventional heating elements with brass bodies is the much thinner base body and the significantly higher heating rate. Furthermore, the thick-film heating elements are not hygroscopic and therefore ready for use at any time.

Further fields of application

For use in other areas the power can be adjusted to influence the heating rate. Likewise, such a heating element can be adapted to any supply voltage by varying the resistance.

In principle, inner diameters from 5 mm are possible. The maximum length of a heating element is approximately 160 mm. With the appropriate power, maximum temperatures of 600 °C are possible.

In addition to the usage as a throw-over heating element, it is also possible to use the heating element as a pipe with liquids flowing through it which need to be heated. This makes it conceivable to use it as a flow heater or evaporator. Other conceivable applications include 3D printing for heating the nozzle or heated cores in plastics technology.

Of course, many other fiels of application are possible, please contact us! We are looking forward to find find the right solution with you

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