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Cleanroom - clean and precise

Our cleanroom is a seperate area with a monitored humidity and temperature. Thus, there are consistent conditions for the production of thick-film components. The aim of a cleanroom is to have the lowest possible amount of particles inside because of the small thickness of the printed layers.

Currently, there are 3 screen printers, 2 drying furnaces, 1 conveyor furnace and 1 inert gas furnace inside of the cleanroom.

Thick-film components - produced in the cleanroom

Certified cleanroom class

Günther's cleanroom matches the requirements of the ISO-class 7. This cleanroom class corresponds to the following example: Imagine, you are looking for 27 golf balls in the Lake Constance. This relation approximately shows the existing particles in our cleanroom.

Production in the cleanroom

It is mandatory to produce thick-film components in a cleanroom, because each printed layer exhibits a thickness of only 20 µm. If there was a human hair with a thickness of 70 µm on the printed conductor track, it would be interrupted and the component would not work properly.

Screen printing

Layers with a thickness of 20 µm

Screen printing

A big advantage of the screen printing process is the flexibility regarding the layout design.

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of the thick-film components


Due to a certain composition of the layers a heating element is created, which is resistent to 600 °C.

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Contacts - Thick-film technology

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