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The advantage of our thick-film electronics over conventional electronics? The thick-film electronic components are suitable for temperatures up to 600 °C.


The advantage of our printed thick-film electronics is their high temparture resistance. Conventional printed electronics are printed on a temperature-sensitive carrier substrate, e.g. a plastic film, which limits the fields of application. By using steel and ceramic materials as well as appropriate paste systems, Günther's electronic components can be used without any problems in areas with an ambient temperature of 450 °C. This means that the electronic component can be used in a wide range of applications. In addition, space savings result because the thick-film electronics require significantly less space than conventional electronic components.

So far, inductors on a ceramic carrier with a size of 104 x 97 mm have been successfully developed and used. Previously, wound inductors were used, which regularly failed due to the high ambient temperature of up to 700 °C. By using the printed inductors, the failure rate was significantly reduced. Additionally, a large saving in space was achieved compared to the wound inductor previously used.

Further areas of application

It is also possible to manufacture capacitors and resistors for high temperature applications. If you are looking for electronics for a hot environment, you have come to the right place.

Contact us and we will develop the right component with you.

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